What Happened When Duke University Denied the Adhan?

  • guest

    Maybe it’s because those Christian people are affraid that if University’s authorities allow more for Muslim they will in time demand more and more… Instead of respecting and appreciating what they already have. All in all this is a Christian church allowing other religions to participate, and there is movement amongst more radical Muslims to make other people oblige to their rules even if this is not even their country to begin with.

    • Anon

      “Even if this is not even their country to begin with.”

      Excuse me? America was built by people escaping the Church. This is a country belonging to anyone who desires freedom, though that statement is becoming more and more hypocritical.

      We have had pastors in our mosques, in Jerusalem, Palestinian Muslims allow Christians to pray in what Mosques they still have up. And vice versa. Be compassionate. Learn tolerance.

      We ask for 3 minutes of compassion. It’s not much. Get your head out of your ass.

  • top

    There is no moderate or peaceful islam. All you need do to understand this is to carefully read their holy scriptures, to closely observe what is going on in muslim countries and to carefully listen to the speeches of their clerics. Islam aims to conquer the whole world and to eradicate all other religions. Why should we participate in that? Muslims in the west should show some appreciation and gratitude and should not make impertinent demands after demands.

  • Amina

    I’d rather not be awoken by a “beautiful” wakeup call. Sorry, but I agree with the decision.

  • Sara

    Not allowing this is refusing Muslim Americans of their 1st amendment right for freedom of religion.

    • Amina

      You have freedom of religion but you can’t impose it on others. How are you going to make others listen to the loud adhan. It is a NONSECTARIAN college.