The Heart of the MLI Trip Controvery: Silencing Palestinians

  • FM

    Amazing! Thank you for writing this!

  • Asiah K

    wow. very well put.

  • dailee news

    And you live where, Ms. Abdelrahan? Comfortably in New Jersey, yes?

    • http://defiantflower.blogspot.com/ Aminah

      what does where she lives have to do with anything?

      • dailee news

        “there will come a day where you will shake hands with your Israeli
        hosts, thank them for their generosity, and fly off to your Western
        abode where you will sit in the safety and luxury of your home and write
        about your trip” — as Ms. Abdelrahan sits safely in her home espousing her own BS.

        • raining stars

          Of course in your attempt to berate the author, you conveniently ignore the fact that Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from Palestine in both 1948 and 1967. More than 1 million Palestinians were ethnically cleansed in 1948 alone, the majority (750,000) were forcibly expelled by Zionist militias and force to live in exile in the surrounding Arab states.

          It has been 67 years and they and their families have not been allowed to return by Israel.Most Palestinian can’t even visit Palestine, even for a holiday, because Israel prevents them from entering.

          So your argument is completely invalid and nothing more than a pitiful attempt to justify the appalling actions of the MLI, which whitewash Israel’s human rights abuses against the Palestinian people and undermine their struggle for freedom, justice and self-determination.

  • AnObserver

    “What is dangerous about this trip is the silencing of the Palestinian narrative. This trip is, at its core, violence. To silence the narrative of an occupied population by taking a trip funded by the same people who fund the army occupying them is violence.”
    I think this is a very poor argument. No where do you prove that they are “silencing” the Palestinians. If group A and B are fighting, and a separate group of people visit group B to conduct dialogue, that is not considered “silencing” group A. Nor is that considered some sort of metaphysical violence against group A. If that were the case then we are all some sort of violent criminals for in any single day one deals with suspicious people of all kinds to achieve success in one’s greater narrative.

    I think there are some problems that need to be discussed with the whole MLI controversy. But we need to be critical without being sensationalist. We need to be careful with our arguments and make sure they’re consistent and logical. Often times we’re putting words in the mouths of the participants. I haven’t heard of a participant all of a sudden return from the trip and give up the Palestinian cause. If anything, they talk about finding Israeli allies for the Palestinian cause.

    I bring up consistency because I feel like a lot of the arguments against Hartmann sound an awful like the guilt-by-association mud-slinging tactics American Muslims are victimized by. Many times a Muslim organization or individual are accused of being linked to another organization with nefarious aims. We all are quick to point out the faulty reasoning in such accusations but we should make sure we’re not becoming guilty of the same dirty tactics. This issue is probably more relevant to Sana Saeed’s article, but I just thought I’d mention it here.

    Also, there are a number of Palestinians. Many of them live in Israel. Many of them live in Palestine proper. I’m sure not all of them share your view (or the opposing view) on this issue so we need to be careful about co-opting the “Palestinian people” for our individual causes. Let them speak for themselves.

    • dailee news

      This is the most thoughtful post on MLI that I have read anywhere. To “AnObserver,” I implore you to post and re-post in as many social media outlets as possible. Thank you for being a voice of reason.

  • fairleft

    Here’s the simple winning argument: MLI is a year of intense Zionist propaganda intended to make its participants sympathize with the illegal and brutally violent occupiers of Palestine and lose sympathy for the occupation’s victims. Let’s contrast this with two instances of how you poorly argue the same case. “The Palestinians are not living in the shadows and margins of their homeland so non-Palestinian Muslims can build privileged and sheltered understandings of their narrative.” This is a college student sentence looking for an A. Because it’s unclear, it doesn’t persuade anyone. Nearly everyone reading this page is privileged and sheltered. Any political tourist to Israel/Palestine is to some degree sheltered. You’re not writing about and attacking the actual issue, what is wrong with this specific form of ‘sheltered and privileged’. You need to do that. “This trip is, at its core, violence. To silence the narrative of an occupied population by taking a trip funded by the same people who fund the army occupying them is violence.” Why introduce such a seemingly silly argument, that the visit/program is violence? It’s a purely semantical no-win argument, i.e., it’s a loser. Let’s argue better and win more Boycott Israel converts.

  • blfdjlj

    Jihadist propaganda. Apparently even talking to the dirty Jews amounts to apostasy now.

  • PalestineIsMyCountry

    I find the condescending and patronizing tone of this article along with other articles coming out to be very much part of the ongoing problem. I say this as a Palestinian who lived in Palestine and have extensively visited Israeli and Palestinian cities. There is no ‘one exclusive way’ to understanding the situation nor should anyone be bullied into believing so. But if you simply disagree, there is no need to be very rude about it and putting anyone down.

  • Suha

    Thank you for this. I can’t believe they tried to get American Muslims to sympathize. I am a Christian who has ties to the Christian Palestinians and has witnessed the atrocities for ALL Palestinians (Christian, Muslim, Druze and Samaritians) and I have seen how American Christians have sadly jumped on board with the Israel sentiment, but I had no idea there were American Muslims being pulled into this as well. That is truly sad as the majority of Palestinians are Muslim which means there is a huge community united under God, being divided in a sense.. I really hope your article and just others through word of mouth realize the damage that has on such an oppressed population and hopefully things can change. I’ve had a couple Americna Jewish friends of mine go on those “Birth right” tours and every great now and then I’ve heard of someone seeing through the propaganda, so you never know all you can hope for is that an individual can see through.
    There are some really good alternative tours that people can get hooked up with http://www.mejditours.com/ this website is a great connection if anyone reading this is interested in going and witnessing the occupation without the manipulation.

  • 4ever49

    “What is dangerous about this trip is the silencing of the Palestinian narrative.” Nonsense. Palestinians do not lack for the bull horn trumpeting their (self imposed) plight. It is self imposed in that they voted for Hamas – who continue to rocket Israel.

    “To silence the narrative of an occupied population by taking a trip funded by the same people who fund the army occupying them is violence.” More nonsense. It is an honest attempt to initiate some sort of dialogue to lower the sharpness of the rhetoric – Palestinians would find their lives improved immensely if they would be open to the policy of a lasting peace – instead of the non-stop drum beat of Jew hatred taught in mosques.