Muslims Must Stop Condemning Violence That’s Not Their Own

  • Nusrat

    So spot on Zeena!! Extremely eloquently written. Much love <3

  • ladylucas94

    New to this but well said speaks volumes and the concept Islamophobic addressed.

  • Mar

    A much needed directive, and article! Thank you for it.

    • Guest

      don’t you think it is VERY important to ASK for the proof of the so called “Islam/Muslim crime”?

      a conveniently left ID and the LIAR BARBARIC TERRORIST STATES claiming that the crime is Islamic/Muslim

      most certainly make it so

      they have LIED,

      they LIE

      they are LIARS

      and they are TERRORIST

      and they are telling you “this is NORMAL”

      why play brainwashed when your eyes tell you
      where is the blood
      why are there police filming from the roof tops, …………………….a list of points to make you ? the hollande BS


  • Stephen

    Absolute rubbish! IS, Boko Harem et al are all killing in the name of Islam. They use words taken solely from the Koran to justify their actions! When they kill, rape, torture and perform all kinds of other depravities in the name of Allah, they say “Allah is Great” – either whilst they do it or just after the evil act has been committed. Apparently it’s haram to drink wine, but it’s quite ok to rape babies in the name of Islam or Allah (using the words & literal interpretations of the Koran). Anyone who thinks that these atrocities, genocides & total disregard for human & animal life is nothing to do with Islam is seriously deluded.