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  • sky

    I am a non Muslim fifteen year old girl and I was just wondering if you could answer some of my questions.I’m not interested in conversion or anything like that but I’m just curious about Islam because there are a lot of Muslims in my area and I was just wondering why/what they believe what they do. If it wouldn’t be a bother could you please answer the following questions.

    1. Do Muslims belive that Muhmmand is the greatest prophet or just the last one?
    2. Why do muslims think he’s a prophet/ what is the need for the quran?
    3. Is it true about the quran telling muslims to kill non believers
    4. why do muslims not think that Jesus is God?
    6. If you converted what made you convert/choose Islam
    7. What is the greatest thing about your relgion and do you have a realtionship with Allah like how evegenical christians claim to have with God?

    Thank you so much. And I don’t mean to sound snarky or in polite (I know sometimes comments can come across that way) I’m just very curious about your religion.

    Thanks again and may Allah bless you

    ps. I posted this on another article but then I realized it was written and 2009 and I figured that might be a bit out dated lol

    • Snorlax

      I’d be happy to answer your questions the best I can, although I’m not a scholar.
      1. As Muslims, we must love and accept all prophets equally. Prophet Mohammed PBUH was the very last prophet and helped further spread Islam.
      2. I’m not sure who you are referring to. The need for the Quran is the same as all other religious texts. The Quran is a guidebook for Muslims.
      3. No it isn’t true. Muslims must not harm any innocent. There is much more to it, but it would be better to actually read about it yourself.
      4.Jesus PBUH is a prophet to Muslims because we believe that God is sole-ruler of all things. His power was given to him by God so that he may prove that God is present.
      5. I didn’t convert (I was born and raised Muslim, alhamdulAllah), but I know many people who have converted. These people were all stuck in an unhealthy life style–partying, drinking, fornication, etc. They felt as if their lives were unhealthy and empty, and they found peace in Islam that allowed them to have a healthier life.
      6. The greatest thing for me is the inner peace I feel inside. I love modesty, and I love respect, and I think that my religion promotes that more than any other. I also love that Allah is Most Merciful, so when my human imperfections lead me to sin, I have so many chances to be forgiven.

      Best of luck to you! Thank you for your interest!

      • sky

        thank you :) that makes a lot of sense. Islam is such an interesting religion and i’d like to read the quran sometime in my life :)

        • not a sloth

          You definetely should! :) It’s full of very interesting lessons and can be very Helpful , even to a non-muslim. :)
          Have a nice day. :)
          PS: it’s really awesome that your interested in Islam ! You should talk to one of your muslim friends about it maybe they can tell you a lot about it too ! 😀

    • Vinnie Eve

      I’d pretty much say the same as snorlax, but add a bit more.

      1. Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet, they were all great in their own ways.
      2. Because the Qu-ran was given to prophet Muhammed, it is a guide as someone else said. But it was needed to re-confirm the truth and set believers back on track. After Jesus- people started worshipping Jesus as God although that was not his message. So Islam was needed in order to bring people back to the true teachings.
      3. Only when in war or battle with the non-believers and they are trying to kill you. But you cannot randomly harm any innocent. Its forbidden.
      4. Because Jesus never claimed to be, and God’s holy books have always asserted that God is one with no association- to believe that Jesus is God, is to associate God with human. Jesus was another beloved prophet and God created him like he created Adam, and gave Jesus abilities.
      6. I converted from Christianity to Islam because a) God is ONE and we shouldn’t associate beings and creation with him B) Christianity has gone astray so much, people sin and say its okay because Jesus ‘died for them’ and also they do things which God said they shouldn’t ie. Eat pork. C) many other complex things I would state but you will learn in time, I don’t want to confuse you.
      7. Just pray my dear. The same thing really. Obey God, talk to him, cry to him, turn to him, pray to him. Have that bond with him. God is loving and accepting and will never turn his back on you as long as you remember him.


      • Sky

        Wow thank you so much. This is really making sense to me. :) I used to be a christian too but after some research I was finding that I don’t really think that Jesus was saying he was God. I think if I decided to be relgious again Islam would be the religion I would choose to follow. Thank you so much! True Islam and not the stuff you see on the news seems very beautiful to me :)