The Indictment of My American Pride

"hands up"
  • Naji’a Tameez

    Right on.

  • Jekyll

    Let’s be honest with our self, Mr. Brown was not exactly shy in committing theft. But more importantly, only in this country does a life of a black man mean anything, that it arouses any self mourning, AFTER it gets taken away. Nobody cares about young black men before, certainly not the worthless sycophants such as Al Sharpton. Likewise with Trayoon Martin; why was not done anything, why was there no systematic impulse to do anything before a life is taken away.
    It is not your pride but your consciousness that should be perturbed. Between the time Martin was killed and the time the perpetrator was acquitted, how many young black men lost their lives, where most likely the killer was another black man ? IS there any t-shirts for them ? Any awareness ? Any blog posts ?

    So in 2015 America, the only paradigm where a black young man has any reality attached to him is AFTER he gets killed by a white man.
    That is should be an indictment of our selves and the country we live in.