The Death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

  • Sara

    SUCH a beautiful, sad post =( Thanks for writing!! I loved reading it.

  • Maha

    Reading about the death of Prophet Muahmmad (SAW) always saddens me. =( May Allah (SWT) Peace and Blessings be upon him, ameen. Beautifully written post.

  • Rafia

    That was such a heart-wrenching and wonderfully written article. m’A.

  • Kalene S

    JazakAllahu Khayr Reema! The only thing I think I knew or heard before reading this refreshing post was that Muhammad (s.a.w.) knew when he dying and therefore made the final sermon and that when people started to really grief and doubt Abu Bakar reminded them about not going astray and making Muhammad out to be anything more than he was, and now I’m presented with this descriptive, amazing story of what happened, and I guess this should be one of the basic stories every believer should maybe be at least somewhat familiar with . Alhamdulillah & Allahu A’lam…

    Salam! : )

  • Azzi Ally

    Made me cry.

  • Aqeedah Johaardien

    what a brilliantly informative article. if only you had referenced everything in this article, I have an assignment due on the last week of the prophet’s (pbuh) life, and i need viable sources :/

  • Fatima

    Very emotional and deep article made me cry!!

  • Houston Culkin

    Tears were flooding at my cheeks, truly MOHAMMAD (s.a.w) was the greatest man ever to sitfoot on earth. The only men that even the angel of death ask permission first before he takes his soul. His teachings will always be in the heart and soul of every Muslims. Jazakalla khair for this beautiful story. 💟💕