Hijab As a Tool of Victim Blaming: A Personal Response to MuslimMatters

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  • Zoe

    great response

  • http://slamonline.com/author/habeeba Habeeba Husain

    Absolutely love this line: “Let’s get something straight; I cover from men, but not for men.”

  • Jekyll

    Typical emotional response and ad homien attacks on Haqiqaatjou who wrote a brilliant article exposing this fraud of feminism.
    “Universally offensive’ ??? Are you the universe now ????
    Go watch Erin Pizzey and Karen Starughn on YouTube. Many women are leaving the feminist bandwagon now… are they retards ?

    • Fatima

      You again. I’ll say to you what I said to all your other endless comments on everything related to women’s rights:

      You seem to have left a comment on almost every post on this website. You clearly have some deep complex about your masculinity since you devote so much time to criticizing and twisting anything that stands up for women. If you’re confident in your beliefs then stop trolling this website and go away.

      If you do not like feminism and what it stands for then you don’t have to look at this website and spend so much time and energy on it. There are plenty of other websites that you can look at. When you leave so many repeated angry comments (some of your comments on other posts are indeed very angry) it becomes trolling and serves no purpose.

      Either stop leaving demeaning comments and debate constructively or just stop.

      • Jekyll

        You again: please stop adding in superfluous comments

  • Aziza

    Allah has ordered women to remain in the sanctuary of their homes and not go about roaming on the streets of each and every city and country. This is what happens when you break Allah’s orders. Catcalling, harasment and much more.