Read This Before You Share That Hijabi Sexual Harassment Video

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  • nu’maan

    errrm the last part of that verse seems to kind of contradict what you are saying

    ” and that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands”

    • mujahid

      if you read the article closely, that verse doesn’t contradict anything. Allah SWT isn’t saying that if you do not draw your veil over your bosom, you should be raped. That’s the point of this article. Muslim women do need to cover, yes, but hijab isn’t a protection from the evils of men and their sexuality. It is a public display of religion, something that sets Muslimahs apart from other people and protects our self-esteem. It forces people to judge us based on intellect and not physicality. But, like it states in the article:

      “There are psychopaths everywhere, and if a man has no empathy, no heart, no fear of God, and an evil mind – he’s going to do what he wants.”

      That’s why niqabis and hijabis in the middle east are raped all the time. It’s not a matter of covering.

  • Nor

    I encourage everyone to watch and share that video. The article would make complete sense if the video was titled “Tutorial on how not to get raped walking down NYC.” However, all the video showed was an experiment of a girl walking in two different types of clothing then asked what the viewers thought about it. Problem is that people love to judge others without worrying about themselves. The woman that wrote that article judged this video because of people that judge girls that don’t wear hijab. Everybody needs to stop judging and just think about themselves. I love this video because it shows the beauty of the hijab to people who claim it to be oppressive, backwards-thinking, and etc. At the same time nobody should be forced to wear it or looked down upon for choosing not to.

  • Guest

    “Hijab is not worn for men” No, hijab is not worn for men, but it is worn from men. And while it is commanded by God to wear hijab, the purpose of this command is to cover up our beauty / body from men, not just to wear it period. Because if that were the case, as you are claiming in your article, then women would wear it all the time, even in their homes and amongst other women. Don’t confuse the fact that we obey God and do something for Him and for our own good, with the purpose Allah brought down this command: which is essentially to cover up from men.

    • Safia Ahmad

      I observe hijab while in prayer in complete solitude. Is that for men?
      We perform specific actions in prayer and in other forms of ibadat, all of which cannot be explained in terms of some logical rational human interpretation. But we perform said actions solely because Allah commanded us to do so. You don’t get to decide the purpose of Allah’s commands to suit your actions. If there is one universal purpose of any of Allah’s commands, then it is to benefit the believer who abides by it.
      I wear hijab for me, not for you.

  • asma

    The video simply illustrates one benefit of wearing hijab. If you wear it you are less likely to be harassed. That’s it. Plain and simple.

    • Enough

      Stop making things up to try, and prove a point that is not proveable. You get raped in your own countries, while wearing hijabs, and you know it. I was just watching a video about how terrible harassment of women is in Eygpt regardless of what they wear.

      • Radnomid

        asma simply said “If you wear it you are ***less likely*** to be harassed”. That is what was demonstrated in the video (may not be scientific proof, but to an average person, it at least counts as evidence). He/she didn’t say “If you wear it you will never get raped”. Nobody here that is defending or supporting this video is denying that rape can occur regardless of what you’re wearing (on the contrary, people opposing the video are putting those words in their mouths). They are simply stating that you might reduce (and I hope you can understand the difference between “might reduce” and “will eliminate”) your chances of harassment and even rape if you choose to dress modestly. Nothing to do with hijab necessarily – it’s just one example of modest attire. At least that’s the message I got. If this video helps even a handful of people avoid some unwanted harassment on the streets, whether by hijab or simply a shawl, I would consider the video successful and worth making and sharing. Rest of you folks, please chill!

  • mt7

    As someone who has been a muslim and who hasn’t it really comes down to the way society obsesses over womens appearance and that women really are one of two things. sex objects or invisible beings. ive felt invisible in my former muslim community or generally a freak if i dared show up without a hijab on. ive felt the same way in public, as either a freak, weirdo invisible or a sex object depending on the situation.

  • mt7

    also, wearing a hijab doesnt mean you wont get harassed. but most americans associate full on jilbab all in black as though youre a foreigner (ie invisible and strange). so no you wont get harassed but you also wont get help if you need it most likely.

  • J

    NYC is not the epicenter of the world, nor should the dubious reality documented in this video be generalized as the experiences of women the world over. Ask any Muslim woman who wears hijab in Muslim countries whether or not being covered protects her from harassment and assault.

    • Enough

      I don’t have to ask her. There are many cases of women getting raped in Arab countries, while wearing a hijab. As she stated, the problem is the men, and their lack of respect for themselves,and other people, not what the woman is wearing.

      • AGirl

        Yes its the men who harm the women. But there are always a few culprits and you cant stereotype a gender due to misdoings of some. Its a 2 way road, both Commandments must be followed. Women must do their part and men must theirs

  • saad

    Look how beautifully the writer completely ignored what God has commanded to women, but talked only what is commanded to men.”say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; and that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands…” It is always a 2 way process, women cant just forget their own responsibility which needs to be followed.

  • Amooneh

    There is something clear right in-front of us and we keep missing it

    I have read 10000000 articles about this and I get it we don’t wear hejab for men and its a commitment to god and that everyone and anyone could be raped or harassed

    but lets not write billion articles about something so obvious and simple

    women in hejab get less of that sexual attention that non hejabis (please notice the less before replying)
    I know this from personal experience I use to be this everyday girl in jeans and a t-shirt and I then slowly changed to more modest clothing then into hejab with jeans and shirts and then eventually into skirts and now into full abaya (they called it burka in this article and video burka I believe is the full niqab) and well every time it progressed I would get soo many different reactions
    In my first step of just dressing normally I got hit on quite a bit (not too proud of this)
    then when I wore more modest clothing not much changed
    when I put on the hejab and I was still wearing jeans and form fitting shirts I had less of this problem (not saying it didn’t happen)
    and the last step its like even men who don’t know Islam or the rules about lowering your gaze when a women goes by they all do it when I walk by as if my instinct and my sister had experienced this too when she wore the hejab for the first time
    When you dress this way trust me you may have a problem with dirty looks and some rude Muslim hatters having to say something about what you wear (I really don’t care it gives me joy when they have a problem with the way I dress because I know that Allah is pleased with my patients and will give me more reward) but the sexual harassment goes down dramatically (again not the “Down” meaning it can still happen)

    I agree 100% we don’t wear it for men
    but don’t deny the fact that it works
    its as simple as that

  • S.

    There will always be a possibility of getting hurrahed but the woman have the choice either to encourage that or try to avoid it with what she wear, make up, perfume and behavior !!

  • Samantha Derrick

    I agree with your beautiful article!!!! and I love how the haram police are just salivating and excited for this video! proves nothing and anyone cna edit out a video! 9 hours of people just walking by and they only use the 9 incidents for a whole video! that hijabi did get looked at actually..now that i think of it.


  • Asif

    Hi There,
    I’ll like to quote a very simple example; If u carry some cash flaunting it in you hands,u’ve more chances of catching the attention and getting robbed But if u carry the cash in ur bag,u still have chances of getting robbed But u won’t catch attention,hence chances drops down to an extent.
    Secondly, Girls are never at fault,its always the men who behaves like animal and they should be punished,so that others learn from them.But in the mean time,I should try to take some preventive measures so as to protect myself from all those nuisances.

  • Meryem

    Not necessarily, the video doesn’t give out a message that suggests that women should cover themselves, or that it’s the fault of women for being sexually harassed. The impression I got from it was that it’s merely attempting to bring light on the concept of covering (hijab). So more than likely, the video makers were trying to release some tension on the hijab and show people that it it more liberating than restrictive, NOT in any way suggesting that women should or should not dress a certain way.

  • Aliza Abramowitz

    Really enjoyed this article! Though I wish I had come across it before I had made the mistake of sharing the video!

  • Susu


  • StopPretending

    Loved the Video and Shared the video…. also will share more. Actions speaks volumes, and the actions in the video were loud and clear. Men do not respect women who do not respect themselves. tight jeans and tight t shirt. lets just say this was a christian woman with a long skirt and a loose long blazer, even though not hijab and abaya as Muslims, but she would still have been know by her dress that she was not inviting anything. ANY woman that wears tight a** jeans and tight hugging the B***s shirt is gonna send the message of look at me. The woman in Hijab and Abaya was telling everyone by her dress that she was not to be messed with. It was her non verbal communication that spoke loudly enough that she did not need to. Just the same for the tightly clothed woman, her non verbal communication was that she was looking for attention. OR she would NOT be dressed like that. My simple guess is that most like this article was written by someone who struggles with hijab, abaya or modesty in general. Because those who have totally embraced modest.

  • jenjenny

    Hmm well very interesting! Worth taking note and contemplating more in depth here. While you are right no one has the right to be treated with disrespect for whatever they chose to wear. Isn’t this wisdom behind the laws. Because Allah knows he create mankind weak, and full of desires so he gave us guidelines and the means to protect ourselves. So kindly, would not it behoove us all to put that wisdom to good use and do what we know we should to protect ourselves from harm. Just like wearing yourself seat belt. You put it on because it has been proven to prevent and protect us in many cases of accidents. So why not treat hijab and abaya the same way.??? and this is also for every woman not just the thin and slim. I am plus Sized and When I dressed like I wanted a man to see something, they saw and then I heard about what they saw. btw it has been very hard to find decent clothing in plus Size, Shout out to Plus Size #Muslimah for finally providing a venue for modest clothing. You should really examine what you are trying to defend. I personally think you making it much harder to live that simplified life of Islam. Allah says cover for a good reason.

  • unknown

    The answer to what ur saying is within ur own article….Allah swt)says don’t display ur beauty except to ur husband,father n brothers…