8 Fashion Trends the Turkish Government Should Regulate Instead of Hijab

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  • Sophia

    This article is horrid. To make this valid the things listed would’ve have to be comparable to hijab. I don’t wear hijab but I don’t believe we should ban it. Since they lifted the ban why are u hating. Oh, and by the way if you if you think Uggs and harem pants aren’t cute then I wonder what you go outside wearing.

    • Anon

      It’s satire…. lol. just a commentary on fashion by the author.

  • Ilona Juhanson

    I’m glad to live in a country where nobody would dream of regulating self-expression through clothing and hair, although everyone has the freedom to express their opinion (yes, thin leggings are ugly, but thick ones are good in winter). Personally, I wear nearly side-shaved hair and believe me, my hair is thick and if I didn’t do that (I like it too, of course) and if I didn’t cut it short in summer, I don’t think I could take the heat. Even 30 degrees Celsius with thick shoulder-length hair is unbearable.