A Marriage of Compromise

  • انس

    It’s hard to implement this with the right writing direction, but: السلام عليكم أختي. I am really fond of your writing here: مش شاء الله. I had something like this in mind to do on my own and now I am able to perceive it executed in such beauty. You are doing a very good دعوة here, الله يبارك فيك ويحفظك.

  • nor rafidah sallih

    ASSALAMUALAIKUM sister. i was looking for the info for Sumayyah for my assignment which u have entry bout dat, but then i found something else that is more interesting. can i ask ur opinion and can we become fren here? my question would be, how u can accept the compromisation from ur husband? how u can accept his strengthness as well as his weaknesse? thnk you sr. may Allah grant u happiness in the world n hereafter.

  • http://Aayjay.wordpress.com/ Aayjay

    Masha’Allah! A great article!

  • Sifi

    I love this! I pray to meet someone I can strengthen my deen with as well. I love the statement about waking up for fajr is easier because now you have someone to wake up with. I am sure that is an amazing feeling! I hope to be blessed with a partner to share that part of my life with as well. And about the compromise, this is very true. As long as everyone remembers its a team effort and one life that you build together. Thank you for making the decisions you made and finding the positive in them. Its not about “me” its about “us” and both sides should know that and respect it. Those are the best relationships.