Skinny Jeans: The Female Body and Space

Source: Joe Valtierra (Flickr)
  • minah

    you’re beating about a bush with a non-issue here. I say this a plus sized woman with 13 pairs of skinnies and I can do just about everything in them. for every argument you have given againts skinny jeans, I could easily point out how every bit as painstaking other more conservative bottoms can be.

    • Sajida

      You’re right. It could be a non-issue for some people but it can also be a big issue for others. My main point was about the lack of priority for comfort and functionality in most womenswear. This is a personal piece and I made heavy disclaimers at the end. It might not apply to you and that’s fine.

  • hijabittr

    Omg I was thinking of this same exact issue the other day when I was shopping and it really frustrates me whenever I go to stores or at the mall. I look for modest clothing is there is NONE I say. All there is are tight, revealing clothing and when I come across a baggy sweater I really like I find that it is a low-cut -__-

  • Nabilah


  • Ana

    Well written and thoughtful! I enjoyed reading this and now I have a lot to think about too…

  • sushimalaya

    Bless you for writing this article. I feel so much more comfortable in loose fitting clothes and pants. Now I often opt for loose jeans and mens’ shirts. Menswear are so comfortable and stylish at the same time. So it ticks all three criterias; comfort, style & modesty.

  • Abi

    Beautifully written, thank you sister :)

  • Noor

    love all these points. thorough and analytic critique, and a new perspective i had never thought of before

  • Sophia

    “I swore I would never wear clothes I couldn’t run or fight in.“
    Um, can you those things in an Abaya? NO. And I hate it when women go to H&M or something and complain. A lot of stores aren’t geared towards hijabis and u guys know that. I don’t wear hijab and I do wear tight clothes sometimes. But I don’t feel like im following what media tells me to wear. I could opt for boot cuts and a sweater but I just like skinny jeans better. Some muslims always want to cry about how their being treated but you guys are focusing on the dumbest issues and you’re judgmental. Your city in front of a screen typing about how Macy’s only had skinny jeans. Their are bigger things to worry about. Don’t you think ur kinda wasting your life?