What If Men and Beards Were Treated Like Women and Hijab?

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  • Sabrina Islam

    I love that FB page. I can’t not laugh at it.

  • Faraz Akhtar

    This is very funny and on point!

  • Salwa Muslimah Solace

    I don’t agree. that page is mocking Islam, Hijab and the beard. Sorry but you say this is a Muslim girl page… yet you support someone who is mocking Islam and allows non muslims to add jokes about Islam and muslims? Is that what we do to our muslims and to Allah… stab each other in the back and allow kaffirs to laugh at us?…. Subhana Allah… should this be called Muslim Girl or something else? Arragont girl?….Or mocking Girl?…..

    • Hagar

      That’s not what the page is about, rather it mentions the following as the reasoning behind what it’s doing ” recreating the same outdated allegories and images that Muslims misconstrue as representing women’s hijab, the “A Man’s Hijab” Facebook page turns the male gaze back on men by focusing on Islam’s expectations of male modesty (yes, it exists) with the beard as the hijab equivalent.” It is not mocking Islam, it acknowledges both as requirements rather its humorously criticizing the way people approach them

      • Salwa Muslimah Solace

        No the owner insults Islamic tradition of the Sunnah and Allows most of its followers to insult Muhammed SAW. So I am 100% sure the owner is a Troll and just creating Fitna. What proper Muslim would allow others to mock Islam and the Prophet SAW? Sorry but you have been fooled. I am reporting this page.

    • http://jaimegandarilla.tumblr.com/ Jaime Gandarilla

      Maybe you just see offense everywhere?

  • Bruhzer

    As a muslim guy who’s heard the candy wrapper allegory since I was a kid, the Kiwi version literally made me lol. Will definitely have to start sharing that anytime the candy-wrapper one is used, especially by douchey guys trying to preach without beards

  • http://jaimegandarilla.tumblr.com/ Jaime Gandarilla

    orthodox jews sorta kinda been doing it for eons.

  • binary man

    Ridiculous. Men and Women are both human, but that is where the similarities stop. There is no scientific, moral, ethical or religious reason that a man should have a beard. At most, it is an aesthetic choice. Hijab and beards are not similar and cannot be compared.

    • regina

      Prophet Muhammad told the men to shave their mustache and grow their beards.