Dealing with Instagram Haram Police? Solution: the Halal Filter.

  • YazTheSpaz89

    Thank you for the support! Lets spread the love not the hate! <3 Keep up the great work! <3 Yaz

    • Amani Alkhat

      Thanks girl :) Always!

  • Emm

    PREACH! I am so sick of seeing arguments about what is “halal” in the comments section of every single post by a muslim fashion/beauty girl. the fact that these women are putting content out there as practicing muslims and inspiring girls (including myself) to embrace Islam in conjunction with their hobbies should be applauded, not scrutinized.

  • Bokfan Saffer

    I bigup the way you ladies keep it light. Islam may be scary as the inferno but why not have a giggle while trying not to end up among the unbelievers infidels and other djinn