Hijab Doesn’t Protect Against Eating Disorders

  • Nur

    It is a DRAWING! And you say shame on her when you speak of lust and such! Shame on you, you hypocrite!

  • http://eatingdisorderlyhijaabi.blogspot.co.uk/ Marwah Yusuf

    I LOVE the fact that your raising awareness about muslim gils suffering with eating disorders as anyone can become a victim of an eating disorder hijaab or not. Infact I myself have been suffereng from an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa for 3years now. Ive always been really scared of coming out with it because of the stigma it holds its quite an ebarrassing topic and not alot of people even understand what it really is so I feel very ashamed of my illness. But its so great that your raising awareness of eating disorders! I recently started a blog on my experience with eating disorders it took a lot of courage but I finally did it please do follow me !

    its http://eatingdisorderlyhijaabi.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Danish Hanif

    Eating Disorders are a growing problem especially in the Muslim world which should be resolved and it is possible If we spread awareness. For more information visit our blog @ https://waragainsteatingdisorder.wordpress.com/

  • Omar farukh

    A debt of gratitude is in order for posting this. http://www.waragainsteatingdisorder.com

  • Zahirah

    I have been a binge eater for the longest time, and was bulimic in high school. Not many know and I’m still too shy to admit it publicly. Thank you for writing articles like this to let other Muslim women know they are not alone.