Women Can Go to the Mosque, Too

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  • AminafromOhio

    I’m with u on that one lol

  • Jasmine Ariff Al-Senanni

    True Story of many Muslim countries who have proclaimed Mosque to be a Men only Sanctity. Why? Because they can’t even make a small room for women and that’s why they say – There’s no place for you to pray. I m tired of them inventing their own Islamic rules.

  • ZKhan

    Mosques are not only for men our Womens have Equal right to attend the daily Prayer…Hope the modern Islamic Scholars issued the Fatwa on this and issue to build the mosques womens Friendly everywhere in the world…..

  • martz

    We are a religion of justice and many of the things that salalahu aleihi wasalam did were from his highest of character and to ease things on us that might become mandatory on the people if he did them. Having said this, No man I know has as noble of character as our beloved Mohammed PBUH, had and it’s quite disrespectful and unjust that we do not support men in making their Jumuah experience the best, as this is MANDATORY on them.
    It’s not like we live in a country where there are no options for women. We could ask the masjid to provide care for children, we could take turns walking children to a foyer when they cry, etc. It is not good adab to talk during jumah as one loses the benefit of the prayer and one might cause others to lose it too. I personally do not understand why women having so many places to babble –even this forum– chose the masjid for that. It is disturbing to me that so many young women have been sold into the misguided emotional, dramatic battle of we have to be accommodated at masjids NO MATTER what we do, and we don’t own a part of the solution. This is not an either or situation. We can advocate both for everyone at the masjid and for the respect of everyone’s prayer. I have seen both ends of the spectrum. Mothers whose sense of entitlement shows when they make zero efforts to apease their children when they are obviously upset, to mothers who bring soft books, feed their babies, carry them or do whatever as they start fuzzing. It is not ok to say that my right tramples your right. Men do not only have the right to attend the masjid but it is mandatory on them. Perhaps if we allowed them a more spiritual space to worship on Friday, they might become more pious and better husbands, brothers and fathers… Just a thought. Let’s stand together for justice and fairness and do our part in solving the problem so that we can earn respect. All goodness comes from Allah SWT and all misguide and mistakes from us humans. Jazakalakhair

  • Rafie Malik

    I agree with you on this.