When In Salaat: 8 Ways to Increase Focus During Prayer

Muslim Women Praying
  • Wilson the Turtle

    I know this isn’t very proper, but when praying at home I usually play music to drown out distractions. Sometimes I put on my earbuds and put on a “binaural beat” track that’s suppose to induce a meditative state.

    I only reverted in June and I’m just trying to be regular with prayers and memorize everything (got a good portion of it down). Soon I will be able to abandon the music and whatnot for prayer. I have ADD so it’s kinda hard.

    I have prayed in public in non-Muslim settings (ie: waiting room at the doctor’s) and done so in full concentration without any aids despite all odds, so I know I can do it.

    • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

      I heard a shaykh give such simple advice with regards to focusing during salaat once–remember Allah! I know that’s not as easy as it sounds, but Insha’Allah, reminding ourselves that we’re standing before Allah and this is our time with Him should help.

      Keep at it! May Allah make it easier for all of us so we can taste the sweetness in our worship. Ameen. :)

      • Wilson the Turtle

        Thank you. I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and the Quran a lot while I was there. I’ve gotten a little better with my prayers and feel closer to Allah than before.

        • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

          Alhamdulillah, all the best!

  • Balooh

    Very helpful post. Jazakallah :-)

  • Lena Korpacheva

    Jazakulahi khayrun! What a beautiful reminder!!