How Can I Convince My Parents to Let Me Wear Hijab?

  • AminafromOhio

    Thank you so much for for the advice! I’ll try to follow it to the best of my ability! Salam

  • Sshhhh xxx

    U know wht ur soooo amazing. Im 13 and i was complaining about not being able to wear shorts and stuff. Your sooo lovely i wish i cud meet u. Uve changed my thinking completely. UR AMAZING GIRL. thats it… Follow ur religion… U will go to jannah for it. If ur parents dnt let u wear it theyre gonna go to hell not u. Ur brave and amazing. Good luck inshallah u will be able to wear ur hijab.

  • SMJ

    First of all masha’ Allah!
    I’m so proud of you. When I was 12 I never even thought that way. I can’t believe a young girl like you is so faithful. I am 14 now and I also really want to tell my parents that I’m going to wear a Hijab. I think they’ll be proud.

    My advice to you hun, Allah is more important than your parents. Do what you need to do to be a better Muslim.

    Insha’Allah your parents will be proud of you too. <3

  • Sania Andaleeb

    I have a similar problem. I am 18 and i strictly want to wear abaya (niqaab or burqa) covering myself from top to bottom so that no non-mehram man could have a glance at me. I wear hjiab..i wear it in the best way possible..covering my head and wearing full sleeves salwar suit and i do parda in a very decent way! But as Allah says to have a cloak over all your body and be in proper parda, I’m not able to do it…i asked ammi several times for letting me wear Abaya but every time she scolds me and refuses giving and excuse that i am too small or i won’t be faithful to it…some day I’ll wear it and someday I’ll not…and i am left speechless because i don’t know how to make her understand the fact that Allah wants me to parda and i should do it! Please help me!

  • Artie Pie

    I have the same problem my dear sister,but my mom covers herself completely.she only got to do that after alot of begging to my father.when I was nine I asked him can I wear hijab the answer was no sternly then I asked him can I wear it when I turn ten?then the answer was yes and I was so excited when turned ten and i burst into tears when he broke his promise it made feel to suicide then I asked him again can I wear when I turn 11?he said okay and the same thing happened when I turned 11.But this didn’t hurt me as much as I am hurt today yestersay we went to a park as my brother was dropping me and my mom and then he saw me with hijab he had a surprised look but he didnt say anything but when we reached the elevator of our building he started shouting at me but I didnt feel hurt then he was takin my shall And I pulled it back and then my father lied that let him look at the size of it then he pulled it and was about to hrow it away my mom stood up for so he didnt throw it but he hid it away in his briefcase.I dont know what to do….plz help me