The Person who Founded the (first ever!) University was a Muslim Woman

  • Amany Alsayyed

    Lots of women ask ” why can’t I be fantastic at my career, or my marriage, why am i confused and exhausted? Why am I with a huge crisis when I compare myself to the other woman?” This sometimes is the dialogue that muslim – and women generally of all walks of life – engage in about themselves. But these questions are so new, and any woman living in the west — before 70yrs ago for instance – doesn’t really believe that she/we has centuries and centuries and centuries of female role models and mythologies to look back to. We do. And this article — this website – is a great example that women are not just starting out. We have lots of stories to fall back on — doesn’t mean we have it all figured out about our lives today, but atleast, when we’re asked by some colossal universal standard to be mothers, careerists, intellectuals and wives all at once, we can be like ” ok atleast we can stand on the shoulders of some incredible women to start figuring this out today for ourselves”

    So yeah, thanks for this :)