Glorification of Fair Skin: A Demoralizing Trend

  • Nitasha Siddique

    Thank you! It feels good knowing people understand that “fair skin” isn’t superior. I’m tired of my aunts suggesting skin lightening treatments and creams. I’m brown and I don’t need to be fair to be lovely :) Jazakhallah khair for your article!

  • Nazneen

    This also occurs in the Indian and many Middle-Eastern and South-Asian cultures as well unfortunately, having been suggested at various weddings to ‘lighten up’ or use ‘Fair & Lovely’. It disgusts me that this kind of shade-ism is still prevalent today. Thank you for your well written article!

  • Rasha

    Beautiful read. Could I possibly Halal-steal it and publish it on my Fb page You’re Precious Campaign? With your credits ofcourse. :)

  • Hyde

    my younger sister is lot lighter than me, and i recall my grandma telling me one day “if you get any darker you will never get married!” yeah right. and after my sister was born, literally the first thing people would say was “oh, she’s so white!” lol it doesnt make me jealous, but it saddens me that people could give such importance to something so insignificant and be so vain

    I have a yemeni friend who is of the darker complexion, and when i asked my mom if she and this other desi guy would be a good couple, she said that the boys mom wants, specifically, “a beautiful girl.” and anything other than fair doesnt fit his mother’s idea of “beautiful”. i couldnt stop my tears then…and my mother couldn’t understand why i was crying…..sigh…

  • sidra

    I am a Pakistani and I was fair from my childhood and I have pink chicks also but I was white at 2014 but now in 2015 summer my skin goes dull and break so after this I remember that any day your fair color will gone but if you have beautiful face and beautiful eyes that I like most you are so beautiful because this beauty will never be gone I am just 15 and disagree by my complexion

  • miranda rossi

    Nida, what a liar you are. If you woke up in the morning to see your light skin was dark, you would go hysterical and probably suffer a heart attack. Stop trying to make people buy your clothes from your fashion by pretending you hate your light skin lol.