11 #TrumpSharpie Memes That Made Us LOL

11 #TrumpSharpie Memes That Made Us LOL

A few days ago, the Internet imploded at the depths to which President Trump’s pettiness could sink. It all started with a projection of the path of Hurricane Dorian, with the President insisting, and then doubling down on his belief that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama. This was something that the National Weather Service vehemently denied, of course.

Where does the pettiness come into play, we hear you ask? Well, President Trump thought he could tweet out a comically doctored map of Hurricane Dorian’s trajectory — one that included Alabama circled with a Sharpie — and no one would any wiser. The Internet, however, came through for us with the best #TrumpSharpie memes. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss these:

1. Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Was the Biggest One of All Time. Period:


2. Oh, Look! Trump Kept A Promise:


3. All Our Problems Are Solved:


4. As Long as American Taxes Aren’t Paying for It:


5. We’d Expect Nothing Less From Our Liar-In-Chief: 


6. So That’s How This Works:


7. What’s an Inch or Two on the Golf Course?


8. How the Popular Vote Really Went Down: 


9. All the Proof We Need. Right?


10. He Has the Biggest Hands. Believe Us:


11. Fit to Serve? We Think Not:


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11 #TrumpSharpie Memes That Made Us LOL
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