Just a Quick Reminder: The Amazon Is Still Burning

Just a Quick Reminder: The Amazon Is Still Burning

What’s Been Going On? 

The Amazon rainforest has been burning for a month, threatening three million endangered species, and one million indigenous tribes. The air above São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, has been completely unbreathable, and the smoke from the Amazon fires has been visible from space due to the thickness. 

This is the combined effect of global warming and capitalism together, both of which have been stimulated by man. The Amazon, which is the wettest region on Earth is on fire, as is the coldest region, Siberia. Our planet is dying. So what are we going to do about it? The Brazilian military has sent in 4,300  troops to tackle the fire, but will that be enough to save the forest which provides 20% of the world’s oxygen?

What Can I Do? 

Here are five ways you can help support the Amazon, from donating to grassroots organisations to sharing hashtags on social media:

1. Donate to World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature emergency appeal to support those on the front lines. Be sure to double-check who you’re giving your money to, as there are countless cases of scams by organisations profiting off of world crises. 

2. Sign Greenpeace’s petition demanding the Brazilian government protects the land of Indigenous communities. Though signing an online petition may not seem as hard-impacting as donating money, it can have just as big an impact as these potential policies could be implemented. 

3. Donate to the Amazon Conservation Team which empowers Indigenous communities alongside conserving plant and animal species which live there.   

4. Use the power of your voice by contacting your local Senators, MPs or officials in the country that you live to take action against the man-made burning of the Amazon. 

5. Support Amazon Watch to make a difference to the future of our planet. 

Social media awareness is one of the main ways so many of us became aware of what was happening to the rainforest known as the lungs of the earth. Large media chains didn’t begin covering the fires until after two weeks of the Amazon burning. What does this say about the way society treats different issues? One fact that has come to light on social media recently is how billionaires around the world have so much money that they can use to save our planet, yet a lot of that money is wasted on trivial items. 

Is There More to This? 

Recently, I read this tweet explaining how Brazil’s fascist President, Jair Bolsonaro, allowed farmers to deforest land for cattle farming. Indigenous people have been sustainably eating meat for decades now, and only with the introduction of colonisation and capitalism did farmers begin to use land for profit, disrupting the natural patterns of the earth. 

I know this makes many of us feel powerless, as though we are not in control of the major political decision-making that brings us to the brink of disaster, however, by sharing posts on social media, signing petitions, and donating to reliable organisations, an impact can be made.

Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough. Take action to see change.

Image courtesy of @sumimchowdhury/Instagram
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Just a Quick Reminder: The Amazon Is Still Burning
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