This Is Why I’m So Over Gender Bias and Double Standards

This Is Why I’m So Over Gender Bias and Double Standards

I have noticed a trend where many mothers and fathers raise men and women differently. Both women and men explore their bodies the same way; however, boys begin to feel superior because more is demanded of them from a young age. Women have always been defined by men and are discriminated due to their biological makeup. For, example a boy is told not to cry. He is told to be “strong.” The girl is told to suppress her emotions and to sacrifice her dreams. This results in a man feeling powerful and privileged for having a penis.

Many South Asian men are egotistical and have no respect for women because their parents have always made them feel superior to women. Their parents have created a barrier, a very lethal and biased barrier between the female sibling and male sibling. The male sibling is given freedom to do whatever he likes, whereas the female sibiling is oppressed in all aspects.

I think it’s time Desi parents start changing their mentality about women. Women have the right to work, to be who they want to be, and to discover themselves freely. I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where my mother taught me to always be independent and supported my goals. However, there are many South Asian girls who are told to stay home, and do not have parents that support their educational endeavors. They are restricted from going outside, participating in school activities, and doing internships. In addition, they are ridiculed for exploring their sexuality or altering their physical apperance.

I am tired of seeing a poor upbringing result in the maltreatment of women. If you are a Desi parent, I suggest you stop putting your son on a pedestal. The son you favored is the same man who goes around mocking women and making them feel incompetent.

I know parenting isn’t easy. But parents have to set an example for their children. Parents should strive to create an environment that is not just fair and equal, but doesn’t diminish one child over the other solely based on gender.

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This Is Why I’m So Over Gender Bias and Double Standards
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