“If there is any oppression at all… it is in acting savior to women who are already free.”

  • John Michaelis

    I feel sorry for all slaves who actively embrace their slavery (turning it into a matter of “pride”) and defend their slavers.

    • Sara Zayed

      It is highly fascinating to me that after reading this article, you still insist on calling Muslim women slaves.

      Here’s the secret: There are no “slavers.” We are slaves to God and God alone.

      If you can’t understand that, you will never understand Muslim women.

  • Non-muslim, western woman

    “First, why is there a prevalent belief that women can only garner attention by displaying their bodies? Why is nudity considered the only form of valid self-expression and freedom?”


    Seriously, I have not seen any FEMEN-activist pose naked! I HAVE seen them wearing pantyhouse and sexy underwear in their “naked prayer” though! While men with much more clothes stood and took photos of them… FEMEN women seem to think women are oppressed when they wear more clothes then men, but think women look free when they wear much less clothes then men! They also seem to think the uniform of sex-slaves makes women “look free”

    SHAME ON MISOGYNISTIC FEMEN FOR LETTING THE MILLIONS OF WOMEN TRADED AS SEX-SLAVES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD DOWN! If they REALLY cared about all women they would not claim that the look of the WORST form of opression of women is the look of freedom!

    I assure you I do HATE hypocritical FEMEN! And I am not a muslim. But I see all they want is attention and I see they use the easiest way possible.. So I think that If they had ANY creativity they would have come up with another way..? But no, they don´t.. They just continue on the same old “naked” routine.. No, FEMEN are not exactly contemplating new ways. They only continue to conform to the tradition of using womens bodies to get attention. Writing “My body is my own” and such slogans on their half-naked bodies… And I think “Uhm, yeah in some aspects maybe, but not visually..” These women themselves conform to the sort of objectification of women that has existed for a long time in the western society. They are in no way empowering any women anywhere by doing THAT and they should know NO women need them. On the contrary. I, as a woman, only get depressed by seeing what they are and what they are not doing. I saw a Tv-show the other day with some young artists and one woman posed topless for her art-project. A guy in the group was really satisfied with this “provoocative act” (that offcourse provoked nobody) but he thought another girl in the group “who had more to come with” should have done the same “provocative” thing. Conforming since 1969..

    If a woman REALLY want to provoke misogynists in ALL forms and ALL cultures of the world SHE SHOULD WEAR A VEIL AND OTHER COVERING CLOTHES WITH PRINTS LIKE THOSE OF FEMEN IF SHE DARES! HA! Now THAT would take some REAL courage, because that would provoke a whole load of people. Not JUST some opressive muslim men who think they own a womans body when she covers it. Or FEMEN-activists who think stripping equals freedom! It would actually be a statement of taking back the right to her body IN ALL ASPECS -even visually. She could decide for herself which people would get to see it and not give away that control by letting others spread pictures of her body all over the public sphere. And it would be a REAL new thing in the veil-debate. Not just boring arguments or pointlessness in women trying to help muslim women that don´t want help. It would be new, refreshing and actually would make most people TODAY chocked and rethink their views. In other words this would be REAL ART. I think I might do something like this if FEMEN continues their stupid and misogynic way.

    GIVE UP ALREADY FEMEN -YOU STRIPPING DOWN IS IN NO WAY HELPING OPRESSED MUSLIMS! Seriously, focus on the more severe forms of opression than wearing covering clothes IF YOU DARE. In the countries where the veil has been forbidden it has not helped women who where really opressed, just made their lives harder! You need to be an idiot not to understand opression that cannot be seen is the worst form of opression. But thanks to some who only care about what they have to see the most severely opressed muslim women do not even get to leave their homes anymore. I bet they feel such thankfulness for that!

    DOWN WITH FEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wish I could meet an elderly woman who would accompany me to a mosque I don,t have the confidence to go alone

  • Non-muslim woman

    Inna Shevchenko seems to be a be a REAL poser who uses her body as a sex-object just to get attention. REALLY original.. She also seems to be really STUPID since she does not reflect on how she herself is enslaved under social norms of sexual exploitation of women. Also REALLY original. The only real original thing about her is she´s out to rescue women like some self-righteous knight. If she really wanted to help opressed women she would have engaged herself in a serious project that actually helped them and focused on them instead of trying to get HERSELF as much attention as possible. She seems like a real hypocrite and I don´t think even the most opressed women would want help from someone acting like her. I totally understand muslim women are hating her claim to fame.