Becoming a Victim to Being “Practical:” Battling Parental Expectations of Majors and Careers

Two fists_Blue
  • Guest

    I have struggled with this. For the longest time I followed “my” (my parent’s) dream about becoming a doctor. And then I changed my major into history and started pursuing a career in humanities but it wasn’t prestigious enough so I literally fought with my family for a year. . .. I don’t know. I definitely do think people should follow their dreams – I mean, I do so I can’t tell someone else not to – but it was really hard (and still is) and sometimes people just cave in under societal pressures and I can’t really blame them . . .. .

    • Ethar Eltigani Hamid

      may allah bless you in your studies and career in history, ameen. :) i get funny looks sometimes when i tell people i’m an english major (one woman paused for like five whole seconds and then gave the most insincere “oh. wonderful”). but i know i can make something of myself with this major. and, equally important, i really love it.

      again, may allah give you baraka and khayr (blessings and goodness) with your field:)

      salam alaykum