10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

  • guestA

    as one who doesn’t cover my hair, i really like the attaching the scarf to your bag idea! thanks for sharing! 

    • Sania

      of course!! Im glad you like it:)

  • Harpriya goyal

    These all ways to wear a scarf are really fabulous, like your post. I always wear scarves and stoles, love to wear them. I mostly wear scarves with same two simple ways, but through your post I have learned more interesting ways to wear your favorite stole. Thanks a ton!!!

  • alice

    thank you for the different style ideas. i found your blog when i was searching for hijab tutorials since i am a non-muslim but will be traveling to countries where islam is the primary religion and i wanted to make sure that i knew how to properly put on a hijab whenever necessary (especially when visiting mosques). also, i love the hijab snood! that is absolutely brilliant.

  • Nova

    Thank you for posting this tutorial, I’ve only been to prayer one time, I was not dressed properly. I now have a scarf and when I go back I’d like to be presentable. ~Nova

  • Youxia88

    You planning on an “honor killing”? Burning in a cage, beheaded…

  • Youxia88

    Muslims do that all the time. Or they sell them at 9 years old.

  • EastEssence

    Nice different style ideas. It is important for a Muslim women to drape a hijab in a proper and stylish way so as to make them look stylish. And matching a hijab with our dresses is so much common too.

  • Ellen Whanson

    The girls are look princess in the hijab and the scarfs on every occasion. prom Scarf and Hijab ideas 2017