Islam Says Women Are Free… No Matter What the Rest of the World Tells You

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  • ms.unique

    Awesome post Masha Allah! :)

  • Maha

    Love this post so much. <3 Beautifully written. You did a wonderful job! =)

  • http://facebook.com/marryam Marryam

    Wow, i agree with Maha, I love this post. I wish so many more people had this realization and this insight. Mashallah, great entry. :)

  • Sara

    Wow, thank you all. =)

  • magical_marwa

    one word….beautiful!

  • http://goldseas.livejournal.com Megan

    what a wonderful post! :)

  • http://www.rebelliousarabgirl.net Rebellious Arab Girl

    I really loved this article. It was clear and to the point. The western world keeps thinking that Muslim women are treated badly and have no rights.

    I love this site! Reason I keep advertising it because the articles on here are so well written!

  • bajooka

    Love love love this post!!

  • faida ayesha

    Mashaallah! very beautiful, i can really relate and i love reading articles like this, keep up the good start and may Allah SWT reward you for the efforts. Allah knows best. ^^ Massalam!

  • Ifra

    Soo pretty this article is. I wish every non muslim would get to read this so they know how beautiful our religion is and what actually is the status of women.

  • Ifra

    Sara you should write more. It really is influential masha Allah!!