I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (My Michael Bublé-Inspired Relationship Post)

To: You
  • Saleena Davidson

    You are an amazing person, and honestly I wish I had exercised a little more restraint instead of rushing around trying to find “the one” because even when you do that, you don’t find it until it’s time……you are inspirational……and whomever you marry will be most appreciative of all of your awesome (and even the not-so-much) habits.  
    Hugs and love from your library mom   =)

    • Nouran Shehata

      Dear Saleena(aka Our friendly neighborhood librarian),

      Honestly tell yourself that! You my friend are the epitome of all that is amazing. You inspire people everyday with what you do! You help teens realize their potential, do things that benefit the community, and are a friendly and caring person to people you’ve just met. You’re a great friend to everyone to say the least, and always put others before yourself. If anything, it’s you that deserves the best. It’s you that deserves the greatest reward because what you do may seem like a small thing to the passing observer, but it’s not. You make it more than that. You go above and beyond in every area of your field. You make a difference in our community just by being you. By being an awesome person. You’ve impacted the lives of many teens and we’ll never forget how supportive you are of our ideas, regardless of how crazy or whimsical they seem. You’re our library mom, and we’re your loyal army. Saleena’s army represent! 

      Colonel Nouran 
      (A physically, but not mentally retired veteran)

    • Ifra

      so cute 😀

  • Aaleen

    Salaam Nouran, I absolutely love, love, loved this article! SO relevant and relatable! JazakAllah kheir.