Divorce Doesn’t Make Muslim Women Inferior

  • Qwerty

    The issue is the unfair laws under divorce, in that a man can terminate a marriage without a woman’s consent while the woman needs a court order. No doubt your parent’s divorce has had a profound effect on you. That is why the terms for divorce need to be strict but more importantly EQUAL for both sexes

  • Naseema

    I think its about more than just the difference in legal requirements between the sexes.
    (It may seem that Islamic law is prejudiced against Muslim women, but the situation is much more complex and subtle than that.
    For example, remember that Muslim men have an obligation to maintain the children born of their marriages, both within marriage and after divorce. The financial obligations borne by males are to a large extent the reason for differences in laws of inheritance and of divorce between the sexes. I do not fault my faith and shariah in these laws.)
    The biggest issue is prejudice and most especially patriarchy in traditional societies. As the writer says, this is unislamic, and in fact holds zero basis in our faith. Refusal to accept and deal with the reality of broken marriages in a functional way, refusal to talk about it, *especially not from the mimbar* -rather to sweep it under the carpet as if it has no right to exist – contributes to the crime of not supporting the women and children who are the victims of society in these settings, both socially and financially.

    I say all of this as a Muslim previously divorced woman, now happily remarried – to a Pakistani man, in fact.