Islam isn’t About Instant Gratification

  • guest

    this article was exactly what i needed. i’m just starting to pray again after about a year not doing it. sometimes it feels like theres no difference but i realize that i can’t expect things to change overnight. thank you for this, it really helped a lot. (the only part i wasnt too crazy about was the music part, i really dont think i can put music away, and i dont think music is a distraction for me anyway, at least i hope not in the religious sense haha)

    • Aaleen Anjum

      Hey, Salaam guest :) Glad you could relate to some of this! I agree, I mean, I’m still a huge fan of music, it’s still a major part of my life but as I said in the article, it isn’t about completely deleting your entire music collection but rather just about being a little more conscious about the extent to which you rely on music. I also think that if music isn’t interfering with your relationship with Allah then you know, focus on something that is. It’s all about balance and about being aware of what we give importance to in our lives. Thank you so much for the feedback though!! :)

    • Mohammad


      The fact that you cannot put music tells me that you are actually being distracted by it and addicted to it, but you simply do not realize it.