The “P” Word!

p word
  • http://twitter.com/Lovewilltell Mina

    Very well said, and hit all the points for why Islam isn’t being sexist but pardoning women. And to be honest I never thought of it as denying women the right to pray, because you can still make dua just not namaaz. I liked the example between general bleeding invalidating wudu i.e. cuts that apply to all genders so it gives a better understanding to males and even to non-muslims themselves.

    • Ainee Fatima

      Thank you so much Mina! I agree, I feel like many women and young girls don’t know this and even muslims in general so they treat it like it’s taboo!

  • Latifah

    I like this article very much and i am glad that you have written it. However, i would like to touch upon your point about being unable to touch the Quran. I am unsure if this is a school of thought issue or not, but i was also raised on the belief that women cannot touch the Quran while menstruating. However, i recently learned that touching the Quran, and even reading it, is permissible for menstruating women. I am confused and it seems like there are different sources telling me different things. Ainee, what do you think?

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanihabis Amani Alkhat

    The picture on this article is so freaking amazing.

    • Salam :)

      It was made from a site called Bitstrips.

  • JT

    It’s like if you’re sick and someone tells you to stay home from work or school…Is that person denying you an education or a salary? Uhhh…No! They want you to rest and get better.

  • LS

    just to know ordinary bleeding from wound for example isn’t impure only menstruation one’s.

  • Aamna

    Unlike you, Allah (SWT) does not hate women. He is the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. The crap you are currently spewing is very Original Sin-esque, which just shows how much of a misunderstanding you have of the place of the woman in Islam because there is NO room for misogyny or shaming of women for a bodily function bestowed on us by our Creator in our faith. And if we do have “power” over you, maybe you ought to show at least a tiny scrap of respect for us.