Western Feminism and Free Will

western feminists
  • Ilona Juhanson

    I agree. Although I am not a muslim, I am a woman who prefers simple clothing of my own style and have experienced misunderstanding due to the way I dress, being called a lesbian etc. On a few occasions in the company of other young women, I’ve become the subject of “style change plans” to see what I looked like if I wore “proper” feminine clothing such as tasteless fake jewelry and fashion that everybody else already wore. I’ve felt out of place during festive events where every other female wore make-up, fancy shoes and dresses.To be quite honest, I don’t think high heels and dresses make people feminine, nor clothing an event formal. I also think that this is a form of pleasing the male audience. Personally, I don’t mind putting on eyeliner when I feel like it and I know that in my home, my partner never expects such behavior from me, either. I think all women should strive to look their best, which need not equal any ideals set by society, in accordance to their beliefs, for themselves first and only after for anyone they choose.

  • Platzhirsch

    By wearing a head scarf out of “religious” reasons you support the patriarchy. Always. Patriarchal structures are a global phenomenon in the majority of cultures around the planet. No matter if you are christian, muslim, jewish or buddhist. They are – essentially – all the same. Nothing exotic about them.
    That’s why western feminists CAN say something about YOUR beliefs in that male created system which is obsessed with genetic fatherhood and possession (patrilinearity). Feminism means emancipaton means transcendence of the patriarchy. Women like you help holding up this old system that should already be dying.
    True Islam (which means “surrender”) can let go of its nasty misogynist heritage (including the head scarf).