The Clique

Chillin’ in the Blue Mosque… Literally.

  • Tuğba Bayram

    First of all I just want to comment on how excited I am that you are/were in Turkey and how much I love love love that picture! The Blue Mosque has to be one of the most breathtaking mosques I have ever seen. 
    Sad about the scammer but it happens when they see a hot young foreign woman alone but you showed them whose boss like always!I’m sad you weren’t able to eat some authentic Turkish cuisine though :( it’s the best part!

    • Amani Alkhat

      Lol I had to go up to a pretty Turkish woman to ask her what the receipt said, otherwise I wouldn’t have known they stole from me! Happens with newcomers in every country though. And I KNOW, I sooo wanted to try some authentic Turkish food, but at least that’s a good excuse to return soon! We definitely need to start planning 😉 Troublemakers wouldn’t dare mess when you and Sev are around haha.

  • Dong Shao

    The Blue mosque is really a great monument. I have been here once yet and it was really an unforgettable experience. It was a family trip and I still remember that when we all entered in mosque then we all were surprised by its stunning and well maintained interior. All of the tourist attractions in
    Istanbul ( were really so awesome and I would definitely love to visit here again.