Black Spirituality Is the Muslim Revolution

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  • James Maseo Brown

    Islam is a curse upon the Earth. It breeds death wherever it goes. I have no respect for the Muslim faith, it deserves to be forgotten, to die left in obscurity.

    • Alisha Deshmukh

      Rather smug coming from that ugly black face. Yours, rat face? You a black Christian?

  • Alisha Deshmukh

    Return of the Black Muslims in another incarnation.

  • Sistah Outsider

    Orthodox Islam is not for the So-called American negro. It is not your culture it is not your faithhood. Racism and colorism is rampant in the orthodox Islam construct. In fact the majority of middle Eastern Muslims have no respect for the black American who attempts to adopt their way of life. This is why the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad introduced the so-called American negro to his true history and nature through the Nation of Islam. I’m not referring to Louis Farrakhan, I’m talking about Elijah Muhammad. You will find no justice or sanctuary as a Black American in orthodox Islam. Stop forcing yourself on other cultures and accept your true nature.