Alexander Wang has always captivated my interest. His sense of minimalism, unique craftsmanship and eye to detail are unmatched. He began his journey in fashion as an intern at Teen Vogue and eventually moved on to Vogue magazine. His interest in fashion is genuine and pure – and he built his career from the ground-up.

My interest in his designs were limited by how much of his collection could accommodate me when I prefer to dress modestly. As Wang descended into the current trend of street-wear (Sweatpants, jackets, baggy tunics) I began to have more of a range in my options.

Whether you’re a hijabi or not, whether you prefer to adhere to a more conservative definition of modesty or not – this collection has something to offer you. tweet

His latest collection, however, completely shocked me. There was a piece in every single outfit featured on the runway that I could see myself styling into my typical modest-wear as a Muslim woman. Whether you’re a hijabi or not, whether you prefer to adhere to a more conservative definition of modesty or not – this collection has something to offer you. It was made for the modern, stylist woman who knows how to make her clothes speak for her. From this collection, you really get the vibe that, “Less is more.” And we are definitely here for it.

Keep reading to see how I break down these Alexander Wang looks that promote modest wear:

1) 50 shades of black and grey.

The shades of black and grey at play here create an alluring look that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. The vest over the jacket proves that outerwear in the colder weather does not mean you need to hide your outfits but instead can incorporate what keeps you warm into the rest of your look.

2) Get the layered look down.

Layering has been a technique that modest dressers practically invented. This is the cool girl version. Putting a turtleneck under something as simple as a button-down accentuates the neck and makes the overall look complete and polished. The length of this button-down works better as over-sized because the tightness of the turtleneck has it’s own dimension and the two pieces strongly compliment one another.

3) Get with the texture, ladies.

TEXTURE! When I saw the fur sleeves coming through from underneath the sweater-vest I knew I needed it. Not only because there’s a classic contrast between black and grey. But because this would go with anything while still keeping me warm. The colors are so neutral I could pair this with jeans, a-line pants, a skirt and tights, and the list goes on. You don’t need to overthink what you pair it with because this sweater combination does it all for you. It’s a statement piece.

4) The trench coat is ev-er-y-thang!

While this entire outfit is incredible, I need to address the trench coat specifically. The slimming accents on the waist of the coat give a hint of detail but still let the focus remain on the trench as a whole. This coat is essential for anyone who needs something to wear when it’s colder in the evenings. Imagine this with a white tee and blue jeans. Or a navy blue a-line dress. It’s such a versatile piece but gives you the length and coverage you need that would allow you to still wear it with a hijab or a more conservative style.

5) Get stylish with fur and leather.

Get an oversized fur coat and then clench it at the waist with a leather belt. You are covered, you are warm and it is upto you how tightly you wish for the belt to hold. Depending on your style, you can tighten the belt to give a chic, trendy look with heels or you can loosen the belt and let it hang off more to feed into a laid-back, casual style. Or you can do whatever you want because each person has their own individual style and the main purpose of the fashion industry is to produce clothing that people can truly personalize and make their own.

Props to Wang for incorporating modest-wear whether it was intentional or not. This is a major step in the high-fashion industry.

All images taken from Intsagram @alexanderwangny