The Entire Qur’an During Ramadan!?

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  • zohair awan

    wow nice post


  • Giselle

    I am Christian, but have been looking to Islam since this past December. I’ve been re-reading the Bible but have had the urge to read the Quran in its entirety but needed the support system. After learning that during Ramadan, Muslims will be reading it in 30 days it has given me motivation to do the same. But since I am still Christian, does that mean I won’t be able to reap the rewards from Allah? Thanks for your post and this site it’s an absolute help =) I love it!

    • Guest

      God rewards good deeds and you don’t have to be Muslim to do good deeds. Spend this time focusing on increasing your understanding of Islam and your relationship with Allah, which will be the foundation of all the rewards you reep. Try visiting a mosque during Ramadan, it’ll be a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to learn more =) If you have more questions feel free to post!


    The teaching of the Qur’an is important for every Muslim to know the foundations of the Holy Qur’an