A Poem for Falasteen by Hadiya

  • Biduibrahim

    Below is also a poem I wrote about Palestine.. May Allah give them freedom.MY HEART BLEEDS FOR YOUI see them every day
    Children as young or younger than my little son,
    Their bodies crashed under rabbles,
    Their innocent bodies swimming in flood of blood
    The lucky ones with grief stricken mothers
    Kneeling by their broken bodies
    Scratching their faces and wailing their hearts out;
    The not so lucky clutching at the equally broken bodies of their mums.
    I see them everyday
    buckling under a hail of bullets
    I see them everyday
    rained on by bombs
    crushed and burnt beyond recognition.
    I see them everyday
    run over by tanks
    and trampled into the ground.
    Their sin an attempt to drive out a rogue guest,
    A bully who has taken over their homes.   
    I see them everyday
    With stones clutched in their tiny hands
    Their backs never turned to run.
    But there is something else I see
    Yes, I also see the courage
    Defiance and uncowed rage
    On their tiny faces.
    I see in their cute little eyes hope
    I feel in their broken bodies faith
    I hear in their hoarse voices victory
    I know the length of the night will not prevent the dawn of a new day!
    My heart bleeds for you the children of Palestine.