Trump’s TPS Ban Will Only Cause More Instability in the Americas

  • Billy Baroo

    Americans should love hard working and intelligent immigrants as they improve the US. The system we have in place for that is the H1B for those with advanced skills.
    The problem is that many immigrants under TPS lack advanced skills and will compete with poor Americans for jobs (that are largely going away due to technology). Furthermore – immigrants under TPS place additional burdens on schools due to language problems – and when elderly parents are allowed to migrate – it places burden on the healthcare system – that recipients never paid into. America is in massive debt – and has big problems with helping the poor and minorities already – it should focus on its citizens first. I recognize that America was built on immigrants – however we are no longer building out the country and citizens receive significant social welfare from the government which did not exist in any form 100 years ago. As an American – it is my duty to improve my community by voting, paying taxes, raising my children right, maintaining my property, and speaking out on social issues. Germany Japan, China and other countries have proven that it is possible to improve a country through hard work and perseverance (without any immigration to speak of)…. All countries should follow their example!

  • Billy Baroo

    Also frustrating to me is that people expect citizenship? What is that about??? If I show up in UAE – do they give me citizenship? Nope – Norway? Nope! Saudi? Oh wait – not allowed to travel there or buy land… Nevermind… so many hypocritical people out there…