This Is What You Can Do for Ahed Tamimi and Her Family

  • leila

    thank you i have been searching what to do besides the hr4391 ***free ahed! free palestine!***

    • Nehal Naser

      You’re very welcome!

      • Nessie

        When will the Islamic world stop using Palestinians to forward jihad?

        When will Palestinians know that their lives are worth more than a Jew’s death?

        When will the Palestinians’ Arab brethren in Lebanon give them full rights and allow them to access all jobs and buy land – like Israeli Arabs can in their country, Israel?

        When will people care more that thousands of Palestinians have been attacked by the Islamic State in Syria in which thousands were killed?

        Will people ever wake up and reject being dominated by a set of laws and ritual methodology dreamed up by a psychopath, a leader who pillaged, incessantly r a ped, dismembered limbs, decapitated innocents? Or will they just seek to force convert and abuse and dominate those who do (as been done in all lands consumed by Islam – whether previously Buddhist Afghanistan, Hindu Pakistan, Christian Constantinople, etc?

        No conquering army has ever cared enough about Jerusalem to make it a capital. Jordan had it last and not only did they not make it a capital, they didn’t set it aside for a Palestinian State (a first Palestinian State ever if there is to be one).

        This pseudo care about a people, or in this case, a girl, who are really harmed by the same ideology that harms everyone in the neighboring countries for thousands of miles, is really not going to help bring happiness to the world and certainly not to them – if happiness in this world matters.

        They can all still pray on the Temple Mount while turning their backs on Al Aqsa while Jews and Christians, per orders of the Islamic Waqf who Israel granted guardianship – are prohibited from praying on their holiest site. That is apartheid.

        This desire to eliminate Jews from Israel is holding up peace – but then again, peace isn’t really the goal of Islam, it is submission, submission to what – really? Enough. Palestinians will be able to have their first state ever when they can behave as if their life is worth more than a Jew’s death. It isn’t the Jews who strip anyone of rights – it is the ideology of Islam who strips all humans of rights. As long as Islam rules, there will never be a “free Palestine” like there is no”free Iran,” “free Egypt,” “free Saudi Arabia” “free Yemen” “free Afghanistan” etc.

        Please be intellectually honest and stop this facade. It hurts a lot of people – including those the Islamic world feigns caring so much about – while treating them dismally.

    • Nessie

      Palestine can never be free as long as the dominant religion is a set of laws and rituals dreamed up by a psychopath who had 19 wives and concubines (not at the same time), acquired many of these poor women by slicing the heads off the men they loved or conquering their tribes (see wikiIslam Muhammad’s wives and concubines page). The fifty seven Islamic states forming the OIC are human rights pits because they lean on harmful methods and laws as Divine and revere a psychopath as a prophet. He was a pillager, caravan thief, bully, r a pist, etc.

      “Palestine” will only be as free as the Islamic ideology allows anyone to be free – and without laws of the West protecting individuals – that is quite small.

      Israel is the only sane place in the Middle East – and this girl seeks to destroy it – because she simply doesn’t know better. In the West – you do (or should). If the Islamists took Israel – it would be as “wonderful” as when Islamists took Egypt from the Egyptians, Afghanistan from the Buddhists, Pakastan from the Hindus, Turkey from the Christians, on and on. When is enough damage enough. Islam is a really bad ideology hurting all those who practice and those who are targeted by the practitioners.

      Check out Ex Muslims of North America – be free.

      • Joe Jackson

        So tell me Nessie what is the Zionist religion, we know the Jewish religion is Judaism but what is theirs.
        The Zionist fight has nothing to do with religion, it’s about a bunch of thugs trying to steal someones country.
        Throughout history no religion has ever owned any country, religion is about owning souls converting people to their beliefs; zionism is far from that.

        A bunch of thugs selling the holocaust as their defence to ownership, for 70 years the occupier has played the victim, as victims you have the weapons you hold a sovereign nation under siege, still you say you are the VICTIM.

        If you are the victim, what are the Palestinians, all they have is the support of HAMAS, who were duly elected democratically by the Palestinians, still you say this is not right.

        I’m hoping Nessie you can explain why you think you are the victims and why it is in the interest of the Knesset to endlessly play the FEAR and Victim card.

        • Nessie

          “The Zionist fight has nothing to do with religion, it’s about a bunch of thugs trying to steal someones country.” Classic. There are 57 Islamic human rights pits called countries that have been stolen from other people and you cry victim because Islamism hasn’t been able to sink its fangs into Israel.

          I know your kind and I’m already bored. Tutaloo.

          • Joe Jackson

            Bored because you have no words to support your lies, go away and hide, or tell us something why you think you live in fear from the Palestinians, they throw rocks very dangerous, you retaliate with ak47, rubber bullets, and various other projectiles.

            Go away Nessie you poor poor victim go and hide, you might get hit by a rock.

            Go find some facts don’t try and exploit the Holocaust you were not there.

          • Schecky

            Stone throwing has kill 17 people in Israel. Stone-throwers also employ catapults, slings and slingshots armed with readily available materials at hand: stones, bricks, bottles, pebbles or ball bearings, and rats or cement blocks. You have been proven wrong at every turn. Perhaps you should go away and do some research.

  • Nessie

    Ahed Tamimi has been caught on video assaulting police officers and other Israelis for years. In most lands, that is illegal. Wonder what would have happened if she ever assaulted a Hamas militant or a member of the PA or Turkish police, or Egyptian police, etc.

    Aren’t you all tired of the hypocrisy?

    • Joe Jackson

      As have the IDF, have been caught on camera numerous times abusing children, runing them over, shooting children, kidnapping children, now what were you saying who was caught on camera.

      Get your head out of the sand and face up to the fact the IDF are CHILD ABUSERS, there is no other name for it.

      • Nessie

        Could you please guide me to the links of the specific accusations you accuse the IDF of doing. I am not aware of them running over children (although that is a tactic started by the Islamist Palestinian Arabs against Israelis that has been exported to Nice in France, London, New York, Ohio, Stockholm, etc). I could link you to images of those events if you have trouble familiarizing yourself with them. IDF does need to respond to the killer mentality of people following the ritual methodology and set of laws dreamed up by a psychopath who wanted wealth, killed those who worked for it – enslaved the women and children, etc. Sadly that might mean that there are unintended casualties – which is morally better than the intended casualties inflicted by those aiming to spread Islam.

        Israel is the first in the line of war against further conquest. And – it is the happiest place in the Middle East – especially for Israeli Arabs. Goooooo Israel! Yay!

        • Joe Jackson

          You tube or are you that ignorant you don’t know how to even use google?

      • Nessie

        Seriously, where Hamas has forced children to dig their terror tunnels – where over a hundred have died from that task and where they prohibit women from participating in sports and the Palestinian Authority arrests and abuses students and journalists and the Islamic State has displaced thousands of Palestinians from Syria (never mind the hundreds of thousands of Muslims fleeing and killed), your self righteous indication is as nauseating as it is disingenuous and anti Semetic. But you already know that and you don’t care – you just don’t like it being pointed out to you publicly.

      • Schecky

        Ahed Tamimi is 18, old enough to vote (if they allowed voting) and old enough to know that abusing soldiers will get you locked up. I can never find this so called footage of Israeli soldiers abusing children, runing (did you mean running) them over, shooting children, and kidnapping children. It’s not a fact until proven to be. So called Arab Palestine is just another Muslim dictatorship and you are just another small minded individual that bought their propaganda. Most children in Gaza and the Judea and Samaria area are killed by their own family’s in “Honor Killings”.

  • Gloria Gloria

    At the moment she is in jail and no Muslims are helping her because they are wise. There is the evidence of the video where she is beating the IDF soldier… what else you want? She probably will learn…

    • Joe Jackson

      Oh the poor soldier, couldn’t defend himself from a child, what an excuse for a man, he was no soldier if he was been beaten by a child.

      As for Muslims not helping , there are many out there protesting organising rallies throughout the world.

      Do you know at all what’s going on around you?

      • Gloria Gloria

        You know what… if she has been in Egypt, Iran even Jordan or Syria doing that to a solder she will have had smash her face and had been sent to hospital, if she was lucky enough, with broken arms and fingers…. you got it… the soldier was extreme patient with her and that is why they abuse the soldiers, they are extremely educated that can be seen as a fool, but you saw what happen then later, they came and arrest her and she will be there until she understands that she can not do that again.