7 Muslim Girl Milestones From 2017

  • Stacy Brewer

    Why do you support Sharia and the oppression of women? Wearing a hijab is a commitment to sharia. Sharia says kafirs ( non Muslims) are inferior to Muslims and should be killed. A hijab is also a tool of oppression and objectification.

    • Nessie

      Indeed. One of the most paradoxical images is the one on the poster of a woman accepting the abolishment of feminism by sporting a misogynistic hijab decorated in the fabric of the American flag – one of the most liberal, pro-women countries/iseas in the world.

      Too bad these women are not lobbying to support the women in Iran who have no choice but to be Muslim and wear a hijab (actually, some women in Iran are not Muslim – it is only illegal to be a non-Muslim citizen in places like Saudi Arabia). The Iranian people are chanting for freedom and the Mullah’s solution is to stop teaching them English. When will Muslim women truly care about the injustices against – Muslim women?