Mistaking a Woman’s Trauma as Bitterness

leah v
  • Joe KomaGawa

    Ahhh Liah, I can have some perspective, because I am soooooo much older than you are….I share lunch at a table with 4 super smart sassy Japanese women teachers…I told them they all remind me of my “wife” (actually I am divorced, but only one knows that secret) and I think they are all sexy. So, I think you are too. Too bad we are born in different generations, and live on different continents….but we can intersect here….as you can see I am a pasty white dude,,,do don’t take anything I say seriously…..lol I do enjoy your writing…..honesty and cutting open old wounds is one of the recommended steps, so they say, to becoming a novelist….so maybe I just don’t have enough wounds to open up???? because I have never finished anything which friends said was interesting….so, as it says in The 7 Valleys:” in case you’re interested, is that even if you have to search for 10,000 years, you can eventually find the Beloved One….so I take this to mean that the search can continue into the next world, for the One, we most desire…so, you, in your search chose, and we all choose, day by day….and the years go by……You are right, USA and particularly, in my opinion, S. Cal is the pits,,,,,but many of us don’t have any other realistic choice, we are “here” and not “there” by our choices, and other reasons… I decided to move out of S. Cal. with our family and 2 daughters….but that turned out not to be a free ride….and now I am divorced and planning to go to another continent in my 10,000 search for the Beloved. ,,,Oh I have a religious code to live by, but that seems to me like a handy tool box….not a winning lottery ticket…..So, I can appreciate what you describe here……maybe you and I could make a good team, like the partnership I saw when we lived in San Diego, of a survivor of the Holocaust, and one of the youngest members of Hitler’s Youth Corp…One was a woman and the other a man, and they visited the schools in San Diego…another good point about S.Cal. They had a prepared script which they went through, interweaving their stories together to create two sides of a bloody awe-filled experience, which the young kids in San Diego junior high hardly dreamed of…probably.. They presented a version of their reality, much you are doing here.

    • Leah Vernon

      Wow. You wrote a whole bunch of things. LOL. But, I am glad you enjoyed the piece :)

      • Joe KomaGawa

        Leah, dear Leah, I am basically alone, I have only the Internet. So I pour out my thoughts…I pour out my life, I want to burn away the impurities, as a candle burns itself up in order to give forth its flame of light…However, I am not a candle….more like a soggy Green branch from a Southern Knotty pine, the kind that takes a blowtorch to set on fire….but, you know that sap, once it ignites, WOW , and then gone…..