Why This Muslim Woman Didn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving

  • Summer Sonnet

    Go and live in a Muslim country if you don’t like it.

    I’m sure you’ll find lots without a history of oppression.

    Not welcome. Bye, bye. Don’t come back.

  • Platinus

    Actually Muslims deserve some blame for the “discovery” and conquest of the Americas. You see, after the Muslim Conquest of Syria, the Muslim Conquest of Egypt, the Muslim Conquest of Mesopotamia, the Muslim Conquest of Persia, and the Muslim Conquest of Sindh, there was the Muslim Conquest of Hispania. This took about 70 years to accomplish. Then it took the Spanish about 700 years of “Re-conquest” to get their country and their culture back. That happened in 1492 just a few months before Columbus sailed west to the Americas. So, if the Muslims had somehow managed to keep a grip on the Spanish economy and culture, the Spanish Conquest of American might never have happened.

    And we know what happened, because you told us. But what happened to the Muslims who were forced to leave Spain and focus their attention elsewhere? Well, there was the Muslim Conquest of North Africa, the Muslim Conquest of Eastern Europe, the Muslim Conquest of the Indian Subcontinent, and the Muslim Conquest of SE Asia. But I’m sure these were peaceful conquests and nobody got hurt or had to give up their property or were forced to change their culture and belief systems. That would never happen in a Muslim expansion! Right?

  • Conservative Patriot

    We didn’t just take the land from the Indians we fought them for hundreds of years and lost a lot of people trying . . . and besides, thanksgiving was a celebration of the harvest BETWEEN the pilgrims and Indians, we can’t erase history, we have it so we don’t repeat it

  • Lemuel Rossiter

    Thanksgiving was about the pilgrims thanking God for helping them survive and providing them with a bountiful harvest. That’s also why they invited the Indians. It has nothing to do with “white people stealing”. That’s a stupid and offensive remark. If you don’t like our country or its traditions, I encourage you to go somewhere more in line with your foreign sensitivities.