Here’s Where We Are One Year After Trump’s Election, and Where We Need to Go

  • Joe KomaGawa

    Yeah, Zarina, I think your parents and your HS writing teachers should be proud of you. This is a nice mixture of optimism , and a dose of reality regarding the long road ahead. I think if more of us feel this way, we can /you can,,,,lol get things done BECAUSE Trump got elected. I almost always get more done through pain and suffering, than I do from being comfortable and satisfied with my life. For me this is sad, but true, I take on challenges because I am not comfortable,,,,but ha ha, I am seeking more comfort and love,,,,So, you guys there in the US of A hang in there are get organized and help each other,,,,3 more years and then another election…..but don’t focus too much on the presidency, look at the local level in your communities first.,