Uncovering Andalucia and Replicating Spanish Islam

  • Joe KomaGawa

    Nicely said Jennah, 2 years ago I did a research project for an online class, Understanding Muslim and Christian Traditions”…I sent emails to as many inter-faith organizations I could find starting with the US, including Islamic Studies departments of Ivy league, Other US and Canadian universities, and all of the bishoprics of Canada, and Boston, and NYC because they have inter-faith coordinators, then I moved on to UK and the numerous London Inter-faith groups, then to the Netherlands, across Euripe, over to the Middle East for Islamic scholars who published in English about inter-Faith issues, then on to India, Australia and New Zealand,,,My email said Please introduce me to any Muslim, Christian or Jewish cleric who meets 3 or more times a year with their counterparts in the other Abraham Faiths” or something close to this ……Whew, It was a very painful and discouraging project,,,,because I sent off several hundred emails, and it felt like I agonized over the wording of everyone of them. I had no prestigious professor to introduce me. this was “a cold call” for the most part, as we call knocking on doors without introductions…..So the replies were at least 10%, which is satisfactory for mass mailings. However it is so discouraging when you believe there aren’t that many contacts. And the results……can you imagine how many replied “Yes we know a priest/rabbi/Imam who does this”?…..I am sure you can,