New Nordest Brand Offers Modest Clothing by Muslim Designer Ghalia Elsolh

  • Joe KomaGawa

    reminds me of a story. I visited Iran and as you probably guess the streets are covered in black, courtesy of the enforcement of the moped and motorcycle riding Revolutionary Guards enforcing the clothing regs and rules. However while at the Persepolis tourist site, a group of 5 Iranian approached me and my tour guide, they were all cloaked and covered (no face veils!) and started chatting,,,,I was pretty surprised, as you know I am an old white geezer, and my Iranian tour guide slightly older,,,but maybe they were desperate for foreign contact,,,finally one of them said, “Which one of us do you like the best?” You can imagine my reaction???? Am I just another typical male chauvinist pig?…..lol. So when they said that they almost all whipped off their black cloaks……….to reveal what they were wearing underneath…..can you imagine????? (So, I was so touched by their behavior,,,,I thought of them as the same age as our daughters….sort of innocent, and sort of materialistically brain=washed…but not too bad,,,after all they were kind to me……lol…I hid my smile and tried to look pleased or serious) they were wearing various versions of fairly conservative women’s fashion. nothing at all too daring…..compared to other teenage Iranian rebels. So I supposed that had to choose one of them on the spot….I chose one…she was the one wearing the same as her outer black cloak….you know a black full length dress head to toe..they asked me why? I said one word…”Modesty”. the point I thought of is that a woman can be very attractive in modest dressing, What would attract me,,,or what did attract me to my Japanese wife was her……….personality…..and intellect…..really!