These are the #MeToo Tweets You Need to Read

These are the #MeToo Tweets You Need to Read

Maybe you’ve scrolled past it on the way to work or while waiting for a friend. Maybe it keeps popping up on your newsfeeds or timelines and you’re not entirely sure what it means. Maybe you do know and wish you weren’t so familiar. It’s difficult. But it’s the reality of the world that we are all currently living in, one where women are continuously sexually assaulted without consequence for the assaulter.

Recently, a mass amount of accusations against Hollywood movie-producer Harvey Weinstein has shifted a spotlight onto the historic sexual abuse of women. They sparked an influx in the social media campaign, #MeToo, a hashtag used by women who wish to showcase their support and unity to remind other women that they are not alone.

Nearly 10 years ago, this campaign began by a woman named Tarana Burke. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have contributed to the campaign. Burke explains the significance of the campaign as providing a visual to the magnitude of the problem. You would not have hundreds of thousands of women standing up and saying, “Me too,” if this was something that didn’t affect a horrifically large percentage of populations worldwide.

Here are just a few of the tweets posted in support of the campaign:


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These are the #MeToo Tweets You Need to Read
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