Who are Muslim Americans?

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  • SMGanpule

    I also go into book stores and “browse” the religion section. Actually I go there intentionally to see what they have about Islam. There are usually few books which go into depth about different religious issues and perspectives. At UNT you can request that a particular book be bought for the collection. Maybe the same is true for all universities and book stores. I think it would be worth while if we all started “browsing” our local libraries and start requesting that our favorite books be put on the shelves. Or even donating your own personal books to the library.

  • http://goldseas.livejournal.com Megan

    i totally agree about the books pertaining to islam at the bookstore. as a non-muslim who is interested in learning all i can about islam i’ve had a terrible time trying to find books. it seems like every book in the islam section covers the topic of terrorism or holy war or something equally demonized by western standards (in my opinion, hopefully i don’t offend anyone) and hardly any actually cover the religion itself.

    the muslim west facts sound much needed & interesting, so thank you for writing this wonderful article and letting us all know about the statistics.

    & hopefully one day we can all buy your book! 😉

  • Samantha

    Yes, I think it’s VERY troublesome that most young Muslims are quick to criticize the government for actions overseas, and for our own treatment at home…but only half of us are registered to vote! That’s absolutely unacceptable.

  • Hadiya

    Really interesting facts! Thanks for sharing
    I do believe that we, as young Muslim Americans we should be more involved in the political spectrum of this country.. If not for the benefit of the country…for the benefit of our community.

  • Khalifa

    If anyone – Muslim or non-Muslim is interested in knowing about Islam than the best hing to do is go to the mosque or ask the Imam who will direct them to the library in the mosque.
    Most Muslims aare not aware of this
    An Italian friend was given a book about Islam and he later infomed me of his surprise in being “educated” about the common /similarities in Islam and his religion

    And that was not the only surprise. Many zionist/M$M propaganda were shattered and he hadscrumtuous chicken soup cooked by a student of the prestiguous school of Al Azhar