These 5 Words Caused This Muslim Woman’s Faith To Fall

hijabi train
  • Sam

    Shocking! Here we are in this world stuck in between Islamaphobes and religious fanatics.

  • Joe KomaGawa

    As I prepare my breakfast for tomorrow of yogurt and fruit, my heart leaps out towards you. I am not Christian, and I am not Muslim, but I imagine all of you as our daughters….Our real daughters are now in their late 20’s, and 31 so this site is a place of nostalgia for me.
    regarding your encounter, surely there is a prayer to guard against “self righteousness”? I have noticed this tendency in myself llving in Japan. A tendency to see myself as a sword of obedience to the social examinations and to seek to obey all the rules. When i see others who are violators, my heart burns like the man on the train. I imagine my call to judge others by the standards which I know are the approved standards….Really, I do have these thoughts, and I try to work my way out of them. The problem with the person on the train, is that he is ignorant of his own ignorance…
    And yet I can imagine that man, feeling like he is in a cultural battleground the moment he steps out of his protected pure environment of his home….I wonder if his children are secretly rebellious? I am in sympathy about your faith, for I felt a similar way when I was a sincere Protestant Christian. growing up in the South US, during the time of the Civl Rights movement. I saw the intolerance of people I admired and respected in our Church situation, express strong intolerance if not racism outside the Church during the time when black Americans were still seeking what was promised 100 years earlier…..I was really disappointed, and mystified as how the two notions of justice, and mercy could exist in the same person….I wish I could write more but I have to leave for Tokyo…

  • Fadlullah Wilmot

    And wearing a headscarf is not even obligatory

  • Habiba

    Assalam alaikoum

    That was someone from shayateen ins, specifically sent by the accursed one to shake your faith and divert you from the spiritual path. Seems to have worked… at least for the moment.

    For more on the tactics of the accursed one, please read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, the author of the Narnia books and a great Christian believer from the last century. He totally got it, in this series of letters from a master devil to an apprentice.

  • FU

    As-salaamu alaykum.

    But why let an overzealous stranger take your faith away from you?. If his reaction was anything but a manifestation of the diseases in his own heart he would never have acted in such a way.