5 Stages of Emotions You Might Go Through During the Arranged Marriage Process

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  • Zakariya Aadam

    Thank you for sharing. The process does seam harrowing to say the least. From an outside perspective the arranged marriage scenario needs changing. It is exclusive and alienates other cultures and typically, reverts to Islam who do not have Muslim families to arrange anything. Why have a process so awkward, intrusive and limiting when a main purpose of marriage is to build a strong Muslim community. People say it’s difficult to find someone but when we are exclusive and only look within what we know, our options are going to be less. There are plenty of fish in the sea but cultures within Muslim communities tend to look in the fish bowl. Unless arranged marriage is inclusive of all races, it needs to GO because it is regressive. Again, thank you for writing this great piece and good luck.

    • HrEpsilon

      Yeah, this has been my trouble here, as a convert.