Nearly 60 Fatally Shot in Las Vegas, One of the Deadliest Mass Shootings in Recent American History

  • Joe KomaGawa

    We are all composed of multiple idenities, current ones we are proud of, as they show success, status, recognition, others are in the past, (completed or lingering?) to which we downplay. I am a white male, 60+, I got my first God-given identity as small-town Southerner sent off to a private all male all white prep school. I am emphasizing this is what I didn’t choose, It was chosen by God. That is a fact, and a factor for the rest of my life. My generation is the same as the shooter. We experienced enough of the same US cultural events, probably. There is a part of our identity that overlaps . Though my Judgement is not finished, I could say” But for the Grace of God, I am not so mentally and spiritually twisted as he was, I experience the daily life of the ragged divisions he and I are all part of. Even now, I know you couldn’t accept part

  • https://www.bitcoin.org Jarco de Swart

    Why am I not surprised to find that you have a website dedicated to trashing white people and feeling sorry for yourself.

    • Nothing is Permanent But Woe

      Jarco, that’s not what this website is about at all. I’ve been drawn to it after reading Amani’s book, and she makes it very clear it’s about providing a voice for Muslim women in a society which often goes out of its way to silence those voices. I’m a white, mostly English male, not the target audience for this at all, but I work and live with people from all backgrounds, and the least I can do is listen to what they have to say. I;m also confused about what in the above article either ‘trashes white people’ or ‘feels sorry for themselves’ – are you projecting here?