When I Finally Noticed That My Uniqueness Was an Asset

Photo: Velvet D'Amour (Paris, France)
  • Shahin khan

    Dear L V. You are good to go and your fashion suits you really well.Its both stylish and modest . You have been to hell and I see you have struggled a lot .Don’t get tired yet.All this negativity around you is gonna change something within you.It takes time.Bless you.

    • Leah Vernon

      Thank you so much. Appreciate you.

  • https://icanhazkhilafah.com/ Lenna

    I’m at a place where I can finally be secure with myself and a stupid comment from a faceless nut job from behind a computer screen won’t catapult me back to that insecure girl.

    That’s a great place to be. Happy for you. :)

    • Leah Vernon

      Yessss! Thank you.